Financial Strategy


Vision: Acquiring property that met a medical practice’s space needs.
Realized: Designing the purchase as a wealth-building asset.

Internal Medicine Associates of Raleigh was embarking on the purchase of a new building and sought DSBennett Business Strategy to navigate the financing and purchase.

At the outset, DSB recognized that this building was about more than office space. It was about protecting the practice from undue exposure and building financial legacies for five medical professionals and their families. This guided the strategy beyond securing a commercial loan to ensuring long-term prosperity.

“DS Bennett Business Strategies gave us the straight answers needed in getting the financing done: who was giving us the best opportunities, who was holding back and who we might contact to more efficiently get the job done,” said John Lue, M.D.

DSB also understood that time was the physicians’ most precious commodity, and served as a liaison with the financial institutions, the developers, the builder, the real estate professionals and the appraiser. And, once the lender proposals were in, DS Bennett provided a detailed assessment, “pouring through the nitty-gritty,” commented Lue.

But most impressive to the physicians was how DS Bennett saw the entire process through to completion—and beyond. “They exceeded my expectations,” said Lue. “I anticipated they would find various lenders, set up the final financing and then we’d never see them again. Instead, they continued to counsel us practically until the first patients walked into our new place.”

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