Financial Strategy


Vision: A first-rate loan for a first-time commercial property owner.
Realized: Excellent terms for today. Security for the future.

With twenty years of business success behind him, Allin Foulkrod, president of Creative Visions Inc., was embarking on his first commercial building purchase. His immediate focus was how to secure the best commercial loan.

DS Bennett Business Strategies encouraged him to look beyond the loan to consider the purchase as a solid investment in his future. So that Foulkrod could leverage the building as a retirement asset, DSB advised him to create a new LLC for the property holding – independent from the business. Through this strategy, the building purchase was transformed from mere office space to a long-term revenue generator.

“Their ability to produce is exceptional,” said Foulkrod. “Very few providers have reached the level of esteem at which I hold DS Bennett.”

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