Financial Strategy


Vision: Streamlined finances to enable growth for an up-and-coming dental practice.
Realized: A practice positioned for success, now and in the future.

Numerous loans and financing deals from a variety of lenders had created a complex – and costly – situation for Dr. Craig Mize. Large monthly payments were hampering Dr. Mize’s ability to grow his dental practice.

DS Bennett Business Strategies started with the big picture: creating an overall financial assessment of debt, assets and opportunities. This process revealed that a restructuring of existing assets, including refinancing commercial property, would mean a reduction of over $10,000 per month – adding up to $2.4 million in savings over the life of the loan. And, DSB guided Dr. Mize to find a lender who best met his business needs.

DSB also advised Dr. Mize to survey existing patients to determine potential areas for growth. The information gathered from patient surveys led to the creation of new revenue from extended office hours and additional services.

“Denise took an interest in not just improving my profit/loss statements but also improving my quality of life,” said Dr. Mize. “Working with her has made all the difference in the world bringing new life to the business.”
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