Dearest Denise,
As Granny would say, “Ninety-nine and a half won’t do.” This labor of love on your part is 100% plus and then some. We are so proud of this accomplishment and especially knowing of your perseverance under such difficult health circumstances. Congratulations again and much success upon the completion and publication of A Chosen Seed. Outstanding!

God’s blessings always,
JoAnne Smart Drane
Retired, NC Department of Public Instruction
Hal Drane
Retired, President of Southeastern Sight and Sound

A Chosen Seed: from Mustard Seed to Abundance
is a powerful book full of basic values with interesting anecdotal stories that make the words alive!

Denise and her family are blessed to have the wisdom of the ages imparted by her 101 year old grandmother who is the inspiration for the book. We are blessed by the life circumstances that brought Denise the needed reflection time to author this book. Anyone who reads and embraces these values are on the true path of leadership and prosperity!

I would add this book to my "must read" list of book which include Think and Grow Rich, Acres of Diamonds, among others.
Michelle Rich Goode, Broker/Owner
Rich Commercial Realty, a Keller Williams Commercial company




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