Planning & Prosperity Series
Denise brings her unique strategic approach to the podium in her Planning & Prosperity series. Just as she guides clients to create a financial vision and the plan to realize it, Denise engages audiences to set goals, weigh options and design a roadmap for long-term financial success.

Keys to Unlock the Vault: Seize your Potential
What is holding your business back from prosperity? Financial issues, misguided priorities, inability to secure capital and lack of clear goals can all keep success out of reach. Whether you are trying to bolster your business or build a legacy, Denise’s presentation helps you identify the right keys to unlock your business’s potential and build a plan for long-term abundance.

Before Bricks and Mortar: Designing your Building for Loan Approval
How do you plan a facility that meets both your organization’s needs and the lender’s requirements? Denise draws from 30 years in the financial industry to reveal requirements and rationale for commercial credit decisions. Assess what you can afford, how to approach the planning process and which lending institutions to seek — all before thousands of dollars are spent on architectural drawings and feasibility studies.



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