Raleigh woman's book is 101 years of wisdom
By chelsea kellner

5 Minutes with 101 years of wisdom for abundant living. Meet the legacy behind a new book titled A Chosen Seed: from Mustard Seed to Abundance; filled with parable living guidance for personal and professional ethics.
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Inspirational book offers age-old wisdom
to guide leaders through today's challenging times

Denise Bennett’s “A Chosen Seed: from Mustard Seed to Abundance” celebrates a grandmother's insightful teachings with 300 Grannyisms™, passages intended to help readers prosper in life and work

RALEIGH, N.C. – With America’s unprecedented advances in education and technology, author and business leader Denise Bennett believes our increased knowledge has resulted in a loss of wisdom along the way. The harsh reality of the country’s economic recession has caused many to return to adages and wise sayings, including Bennett in her book, “A Chosen Seed: from Mustard Seed to Abundance” (ISBN 1453804153).

Having celebrated the fortune of witnessing her grandmother – known as Granny – turn 100, Bennett was inspired to collect hundreds of wise expressions she calls Grannyisms™. Her book weaves together these sayings with applications for today's world. These provide lessons of peace, comfort, protection, instruction and navigation for personal and business life.

Born into harsh, impoverished conditions, Granny witnessed major moments in history: from two world wars and the Great Depression to the inauguration of President Barack Obama and the election of Beverly Perdue, North Carolina’s first female governor. With limited resources and an eighth grade education, Granny raised 10 children using the hard-earned wisdom she developed throughout her life. Today, five generations of the Shaw family live in abundance from the trail Granny blazed.

Many of the Grannyisms™ herein are well-known sayings and expressions passed down through church sermons, messages from songs, self-taught lessons and mistakes. No matter the origin, each offers insight and a guide for one’s future.

Bennett correlates the parable of a tiny mustard seed to the intangibles of abundant living through some 300 Grannyisms™.

“Everyone has the potential to be a Chosen Seed,” Bennett said. “A mustard seed, once it’s planted, nourished with water for survival, nurtured with compassionate care and pruned, can bear fruit and grow with beauty and abundance. The same is true for one's personal and professional life.”

“A Chosen Seed” is available for sale online at Amazon.com and other channels.

About the Author:
With a financial career spanning 30 years, Denise Bennett brings an unmatched perspective to her business expertise. As a business and financial strategist and professional speaker, Bennett's passion is helping business owners and individuals build and sustain long-term prosperity. For the past 11 years, Bennett has focused on these values through DS Bennett Business Strategies. At the heart of her company is Bennett’s commitment to trust. Bennett often uses the Grannyisms™ collected in “A Chosen Seed” to enhance professional speaking engagements.

Denise Bennett
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