Life & Leadership Series
More than three decades in the financial industry and the founding of two successful companies have taught Denise about leadership and legacy. A life of family and faith has taught her about dedication, perseverance and love. She brings those lessons together in her Life and Leadership series, guiding audiences to live abundantly: building security and prosperity not only in their bank account but by also achieving a vision for their whole life.

Grannyisms™: Age-old Wisdom for Challenging Times
As a society, our knowledge has increased – but what about our wisdom? Denise looks to the past, using her grandmother’s hundred years of life and teachings, called Grannyisms™, to navigate today’s times. Peppered with stories, anecdotes and lessons, this presentation offers insight and guidance for personal and business life.

Think Big: The Mustard Seed Mindset
From small beginnings come great things. Denise’s inspiring presentation helps participants plan for growth in both personal and professional life. With strategies for setting goals and taking action, Denise leads each audience member to envision and build a life of abundance. Claim your role as “A Chosen Seed.”

What Are You Worth? Developing a Personal Value Index
Are you directly contributing to your company’s revenue and bottom line? Are you actively reducing your company’s expenses? If not, it’s time to build and elevate your Personal Value Index. During this hands-on session Denise guides participants to take a closer look at their own profile — exploring motivation, priorities and skills — and to assess what the sum total is worth from an employer perspective. Transform your professional persona from expendable to exceptional.



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