Financial Strategy


A Different Way to Grow your Business
A fragmented process yields fragmented results. In contrast, DS Bennett looks at the total financial picture for your company: aligning multiple elements such as commercial property, refinancing, cash flow management and corporate structure, to achieve your desired outcome.

Phase 1: Strategic Visioning
Starting with our Vision Mapping process of guided goal-setting, we help you formalize the financial vision for your business. Then we conduct a detailed financial assessment and develop a strategic plan.

Phase 2: Discovery
During this phase we conduct extensive research, exploring options to transform your current company situation into your ultimate financial vision. 

Phase 3: Execution
The vision becomes reality – from corporate restructuring plans and implementation, to loan packaging, negotiation and guidance through bank deals and commitments.

Phase 4: Continued Counsel
As the market changes and your business needs evolve, we adjust strategies and offer new options to maintain your financial health and long-term prosperity.



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