Pigs get fatter while hogs get slaughtered.
We raised hogs from the little baby pigs to their ultimate size for slaughtering. Slaughtering hogs was a grand time because Daddy would hang the homemade sausage, bacon, and ribs in the smokehouse until the perfect timing. Perfect timing with Granny’s yummy homemade biscuits was worth every second of the wait. So what’s the difference in the pig and the hog and why did the hogs get slaughtered? Hogs were greedier; once they got to a certain weight, they became the next breakfast and dinner meal. Taking advantage of the pigs due to their smaller size by pushing them away from the feeding trough ultimately got them killed. When the hogs were loaded in the truck to be taken to the slaughterhouse, the pigs were in the corner feeling less full, but happy that they were small.

Greedy and selfish business and personal maneuvers will always end up defeating goals. Slaughtering in business turns into mergers, acquisitions, and loss of revenue and human capital. Slaughtering in business was the bridge to our current recession.
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