The Cost of Impatience

By now you’ve probably heard the story of the man who cut in line and missed out on the winning lottery ticket – to the tune of $319 million.
Before we laugh too loudly, let’s face it: we have all been that man. Texting during a meeting. Watching the news at dinnertime. Speeding up on the highway so another car can’t merge in front. Our fast-paced culture sanctions and supports rudeness.  We are so intent on “getting there,” that we forget to be here. And the costs are high.

Every time you let impatience rule, you are missing out on the most valuable business tool in the world: the human connection.  You could be giving up a new business opportunity, a chance to network with a potential client or a deeper relationship with a colleague.

Take a look at your life. What is impatience costing you?

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